Montag, 25. Oktober 2021

Dienstag 26.10. 19:35 Uhr, Oerlikon Pool - USZ

Pool Training

We are looking forward to a nice session with you doing: 

STA and DYN.

Please let me know via our Whatsapp chat "USZ Freediving Training" if someone likes to be there 30 min earlier for a little Yoga & Breathing session. 

Time Yoga: 7 pm 
Meeting point: stairs next to the deep pool. 

See you in the water!

4 Kommentare:

Dimos hat gesagt…

I am in. I will be @7pm by the deep pool for Yoga & Breathing. Thank you :-)

lenroth hat gesagt…

bin dabei.
gruess Len

Gabriele hat gesagt…

bin auch dabei!! grüsse

Laurent hat gesagt…

bin dabei, gruss Laurent

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